About Us

The Story

Wine is a living thing, every bottle tells a story, and behind every story there are the hands of those who struggle to make this divine juice. Wine is about love, passion and dedication, it’s a way of life, the more labels we have, the more we want, but we do nothing to stop this habit, hence the name, we’ve got the………Bottle Fever.

In 2014, Bottle Fever was born out of passion and love for wine. We live in a country (Malta) where we are very lucky to have easy access to wines from all over the world, and some of us are not afraid to try something new.

Our aim at Bottle Fever is not just to sell wine, but most important than that is to educate people about wine. Education is the key to appreciation and to understand the different styles and characteristics of wine.

At Bottle Fever we love to work with small producers who give their all to produce fantastic wines. Many of these work in silence, produce great wines and will never be exposed as big wineries due to lack of financial budgets. These are the ones whom we work hand in hand with, those who choose quality instead of quantity, those who target wine lovers and not just wine drinkers. These are the ones who does it with pride and satisfaction.

The aim is to keep on offering high quality wines from different producers around the world. Our main focus are on-trade establishments and private clients. We strive to offer a diversity of wines for the likes of everyone, from easy to drink to the most complex wines.